The zodiacal light at Singalila National Park

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Uploaded date: 09-03-2023

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Photo by: Mrinmay Nayek

Category: Nature

The zodiacal light (also called false dawn when seen before sunrise) is a faint glow of diffuse sunlight scattered by interplanetary dust. Brighter around the Sun, it appears in a particularly dark night sky to extend from the Sun's direction in a roughly triangular shape along the zodiac, and appears with less intensity and visibility along the whole ecliptic as the zodiacal band. Canon EOS R6 Tamron 15 - 30 mm Tripod Vanguardindia VEO 2 264 AB 20 light and 11 black frames are stacked. ISO 3200 SS 20s F 2.8 Processed in: PScc, Lrc, ST. Place: Singalila National Park


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