Terms of Use

1. Regarding photo upload

  1. Currently ChannelOfIndia allows photo contribution only in the area of travel (which may include a wide variety of areas, such as, Places, Wildlife, Adventure, People, Food, Nature, Restaurants, Hotels, Resorts etc. Photos that do not meet this criteria will not be approved.
  2. b. Photos may be rejected or removed from the site which do not comply with following standards

    1. i. Photos should be of good quality
    2. ii. Photos with added-text or watermark will not be approved.
    3. iii. Photos should be uploaded with at least 720 pixel height or width
    4. iv. Do not upload your private photos that include pictures of you or your family, friends or colleagues etc.
    5. v. Photos that do not belong to the allowed categories
  3. c. ChannelOfIndia may change the allowed categories of photos, depending upon several factors.

2. Contributor registration

  1. a. Any individual or an organization may register on ChannelOfIndia.com solely at their own discretion.
  2. b. Contributors at any time may request us to remove their account from the system, which would result in deleting all their content.

3. Regarding publishing content

  1. a. While uploading photos, contributors may provide a caption to the photo, add description and provide tags to highlight/identify photos. Please note that ChannelOfIndia.com may make changes to the content (grammatical corrections mostly), add more relevant tags, remove irrelevant tags etc. to maintain the quality of the content and the website in general.
  2. b. Photo description, caption and tags having inappropriate content (profane, disrespectful, sexual, self-marketing, product or service promotion) will be removed by ChannelOfIndia team and content would be published or the photo itself may be rejected.

4. Content Ownership

  1. a. All contributors are expected to upload photos clicked by them. ChannelOfIndia will not be held responsible if contributors upload photos which are stolen from another site or a friend.
  2. b. All the photos uploaded to the site belong to respective contributors and they can remove the photos as they see fit.

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